KBOD technical knowledge and safe practice in Pilates, barre and cardio classes is of the highest quality and you won't find a more encouraging and friendly trainers.


Kelii is second to none in her ability to pull you in and love your best life! Exercise doesn't feel like a chore- you will rearrange your schedule to make sure you don't miss a single second of her classes.


To say Kelii's classes are amazing would be an understatement. She is bubbly, full of positivity and welcoming to everyone. Her classes are inclusive for people of all skill/fitness levels and she always provides different levels for each exercise.




KBOD’s innovative dance based workouts are the quickest way to get your body into great condition whilst having the maximum amount of fun!

KBOD workouts use the latest industry techniques to sculpt & tone whilst creating the dancers body you’ve always wanted.

Catering for all fitness levels & with NO experience required, KBOD’s focus is on technique and alignment and the use of body weight with light resistance to create strength, endurance & lean muscle.

KBOD Fitness offers Private Training & Small Group Fitness Classes for all ages.

Dance like nobody’s watching & get fit at the same time.