Strength + Condition

KBOD Fitness dance conditioning workouts are all about strengthening and carving our muscles the way we like them.

A training session from top to toe!

Each class runs for 50 minutes, and incorporates a full spectrum of fitness elements, from Pilates and dance to strength training and plyometrics.

Barre Fitness

KBOD barre classes are innovative and highly addictive. Beware! A full body, high intensity, lo..


Strength + Stretch

STRENGTH + STRETCH CLASS- a wonderful compliment to KBOD’s fun dance based classes.



Ka Pow

A KBOD signature class – this sculpting workout is all about strengthening and carving ou..


Pilates Mat

We are PASSIONATE about technique & alignment, and we LOVE to strengthen & tone. We b..


Runway Ready

RUNWAY READY – Looking good is feeling, and you definitely want to feel your best on the ..


Floor Barre

Exactly as the name suggests. We do everything dance, Pilates and barre- in the centre on the f..