Strength + Condition

KBOD Fitness dance conditioning workouts are all about strengthening and carving our muscles the way we like them.

A training session from top to toe!

Each class runs for 50 minutes, and incorporates a full spectrum of fitness elements, from Pilates and dance to strength training and plyometrics.

Barre Basics

New to dance fitness and have absolutely no idea what to expect or how to execute some of the m..


Barre Blast

KBOD barre classes are innovative and highly addictive. Beware! A full body, high intensity, lo..


Ka Pow

A KBOD signature class – this sculpting workout is all about strengthening and carving ou..


Pilates Mat

We are PASSIONATE about technique & alignment, and we LOVE to strengthen & tone. We b..


Runway Ready

RUNWAY READY – Looking good is feeling, and you definitely want to feel your best on the ..


Floor Barre

Exactly as the name suggests. We do everything dance, Pilates and barre- in the centre on the f..