Dance + Routine

Dance and tone your way to a total body workout whilst having the maximum amount of fun!

Each class differs from the next.

Experience a dance cardio aerobic workout, or perhaps you like to get down to cool urban beats.

One things we know for sure – you won’t be looking at your watch!

Cardio Queen

CARDIO QUEEN – dance and tone your way to a total body workout in this signature KBOD wor..


Busta Groove

BUSTA GROOVE signature class is the Latest and Hottest Choreographed Dance Party. Targeting tho..


Happy Hour

HAPPY HOUR is a fun dance-based interval training class perfect for students of any level.




Want to learn the dance moves from your favorite music videos? Channel Beyonce, MC Hammer, MJ&#..



KPOP is a super fun easy to follow choreographed dance routine class, mainly influenced by Kore..


Kids Classes

Keep your kids healthy and active by enrolling them in a dance orientated fitness class.